Lady Butterfly

This site is to chronicle a lazy girl’s journey to good wealth.  To protect the innocent in this blog let’s just call her Lady Butterfly from here onward. More to come…

I am still in the planning phase on how I want to present myself in this blog. I am lazy and I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so my blog posts will be short and easy to read (I hope). I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and rather than doing the research myself, I will just summarize for you the extensive research that have already been done by fellow bloggers and various investment articles out there. Part of my investing strategy will come down to analyzing how well other bloggers and investment writers present their data and how convincing they are. Of course I also have my own investment styles and strategies that I want to share with my readers.

From all my blog readings, I’ve noticed a trend that female bloggers tend to focus more on being frugal, how to save through coupons and finding great deals on a buy. In the meanwhile, the male bloggers tend to focus on how to make money through stock investments, rentals or other side businesses. My analysis of the blogs out there is that women are trying to be smart money spenders while men are trying to be smart money makers. Well, I want to break that trend and I don’t want to be labeled as either or. I am both and I see myself as a hybrid. I am trying to be a smart money spender, as well as a smart money maker. Please remember the key word here is “try”. In conclusion, this site will have examples for both on how to be a smart money spender and a smart money maker.

Welcome to this Lady Butterfly’s journey to financial independence. Three cheers to your wealth!


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