Black Friday

Black Friday is bad for my budget. Why does black Friday bring out the worst in me? Before going into this Thanksgiving weekend I had said many times to myself and to my friends that I was not going shopping. In a way it was partially true because I did most of my damage online.

In my opinion, malls opening at midnight on Black Friday were outrageous. I can’t believe corporate executives and store owners are getting greedier this year and opening stores on Thanksgiving Day. When I was growing up, my father worked six days a week, and it was hard to have family time. There are some low wage earners who have to work two jobs to make ends meet, and that means giving up there weekends with their families for their second job. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are the only two days where they are guarantee to have family time with their loved ones.

With stores opening up on Thanksgiving day, corporate executives and store owners are robbing American families of their family time together. I vowed on Thanksgiving morning never to step into a store on Thanksgiving day, and never to help corporate executives and store owners exploit these low wage earners and rob them of their family time. With that said, I was good in keeping my promise and not going shopping on Thursday or even Friday early morning. I walked to the mall at 10am Friday which is normal store hours for most malls.

Unfortunately, the damages were already done online before I walked into the stores. By the time I finished my last order, I have already spent close to $800. I bought everything I needed, wanted and just anything that I thought was a great deal. I caught the shopping bug and was in the mood to buy, buy and buy more. I am so thankful for free shipping and free returns. When this weekend is over, I hope to get my senses back and return everything I don’t need. In this case, that is pretty much everything I bought these last two days. I already have way too much clothes, shoes and household appliances. I hope I will end up keeping only 25% of the amount I spent. I must fight these urges of wanting to keep what I bought.


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