Happy New Year!

Three cheers to your wealth! Here is to kick off my passive income blogging for 2014. Starting today I will be tracking my dividend and interest income through this blog on a quarterly basis. I will also be limiting my monthly luxury spending to my monthly passive income. What do I consider luxury spending? New clothes, eating out, leisure activities, and any kind of personal spending on top of the basic necessities. My passive income in December 2013 was $238 so I am using this amount as my January budget for luxury spending. Cheers to a good start and wish me luck! I will be posting the details of my current dividend portfolio later in the week.

Every year I have the same New Year Resolutions to drink more water, sleep longer, exercise more and by the end of January of every year, I break all the resolutions. This year I decided not to make any new year resolutions. My plan for myself this year is to try to be a better person everyday and my goal for this year is to be content, be free, be generous, be grateful, be humble, be kind and be a minimalist!


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