Happy 2015!

Happy holidays and cheers to your wealth! I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Lets take a look at how I did in 2014.

A year in financial review: Grade A- overall

1. Passive income: $3,039.23 (4539.23 – 1,500)

My 2014 dividend income was $3,199.05. It was 1K+ more than my original goal. The interest earned from my emergency fund was $490.84. Interest was less than the previous year since I decreased my emergency fund and used that money toward equity and bond investments. Miscellaneous one-time incomes added another $800+ to my passive income total. I did not include my I Bond interest in the passive income calculation since I did not track it at the start of the year. I will track my I Bond interest in 2015. I am not tracking my saving and checking accounts interest since they earn so little. I paid $1,500 out of pocket to cover my rental investment expenses last year. I expect this amount to remain the same for next year.

2. 401k contribution: $17,000 (+ ~4K in company match), Roth IRA contribution: $800

I maxed out on my 401k contribution and reached ESPP max limit (10% of annual salary). I also contributed the max contribution allowed for my AGI to Roth IRA.

3. New investment: $35,000

I invested 25K+ new money in a new brokerage account and 10K in I Bonds.

4. Mortgage principal: >$10,000

I decreased my mortgage principal of my primary residence by 10K+.

5.Luxury spending: $4,551

I kept my luxury spending(Clothing, personal care and dining out) close to my passive income revenue (not including the rental investment expenses). It was a little over but I gave myself a little wiggle room because of the the I Bond interest earned but not counted toward my passive income in 2014. My passive income number will be more accurate and my budget will be more strict in 2015.

A year in personal goals review: Grade C overall

1. I was lazy so I didn’t learn more about WordPress beyond basic blogging.

2. Again, I was lazy so I didn’t write much or learn to be a better writer/blogger last year. Writing is not my strong suite.

3. I read Tony Robbin’s book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and learned new investment vehicles and learned how the rich invest. It was a very good book on learning how one reaches financial independence. The book provided detail breakdowns on how to balance a portfolio and how not to lose money in a bear market from the pros. I will write more in future posts on how to become financially secure, vital, independent and free according to Tony Robbins.


Lady Butterfly


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