2015 July Expenses Review

CutSpendingJuly was a great month for me in terms of passive income. Lets take a look at how I did in terms of expenses.

Monthly Expenses By Category July
Fix Expenses
Mortgage* 829
HOA 402
Property Tax 508
HO Insurance 54
Car Insurance 93
PGE (Electricity) 58
AT&T (DSL & Home phone) 54
Verizon (2nd Cel) 37
Total Fix Expenses 2,035
Variable Expenses
Gasoline 119
Grocery 218
Dining Out 85
Clothing/Personal Care 73
Household 27
Entertainment/Leisure 20
Medical/Health 274
Misc 3
Total Variable Expenses 819
Total July Expenses 2,854

I did well in terms of controlling my expenses in July. The Medical/Health category was high this month due to a one time expense for a pair of glasses and four months of contact lenses. I incur this expense once every few years.

Not included in this table is an extra monthly payment of $300 to mortgage* principal and a $150 monthly expense for half of a rental property.

July Passive Income = $ 806

July Expenses = $ 2,854

Shortage = $ 2,048

My July passive income covers 28% of my monthly expenses.


Lady Butterfly


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