2015 November Passive Income Review


As expected November was a slow month for me in terms of passive income. Compare to the second month of last quarter, passive income didn’t increase. If it wasn’t for the continuous decline of I-Bond interest, passive income would have increased by about $20. Last month I increased my position in MYC (Muni) and I-Bonds, and the dividend/interest won’t be reflected until December and February respectively.

Half of the property tax is due in December, so I paid it in mid November because I don’t like paying it last minute during holiday shopping season. Even for my small home, property tax is over $6k+ a year. I am having second thoughts about buying another place in Silicon Valley. Even if I paid off the mortgage for my current home, I still don’t own it free and clear. I will always have to pay the property tax and HOA.

Dividend $268.78
Emergency Fund Interest $40.37
I-Bond Interest $11.92
Monthly Passive Income $321.07
2015 Passive Income YTD $5,542.28

To see my complete dividend portfolio and dividends earned year to date:

My portfolio


Lady Butterfly


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