2015 Goals In Review

Happy New Year!

I had five short term financial goals at the beginning of 2015. Lets go over each of of them and see how I did.

Goal 1:  Increase total passive income to at least $300 average per month or $3,600 per year (Include dividends, interests, and rental property) 

I gave myself an A+ on this goal. I increased my average passive monthly income from $100 to $300. If not counting my real estate rental losses, I averaged about $500+ per month.

Goal 2: Max out 401k and ESPP

I gave myself an A-. For half a month in October I decreased my ESPP investment because my company stock dropped 25% from it’s high. I got a little nervous and decreased my investment by 2%. When the stock bounced back a little, I increased it back to it’s max.

Goal 3: Invest at least 24K new money in taxable accounts (Stocks and bonds)

I gave myself an A since I invested more than 24K new money in stocks and bonds.

Goal 4: Pay down mortgage principal by at least 10K

I decreased my mortgage principal by more than 10K this year so I gave myself an A+. I think I should remove this goal for next year because it is getting easier as the principal is increasing and the interest is decreasing in my monthly mortgage payment.

Goal 5: Limit monthly spending within [Monthly income(earn + passive) – 2K investments in taxable accounts]

I gave myself an A because I was able to save more than 24K last year with earn and passive income.

Besides financial goals, I also have three personal goals in 2015.

Goal 1: Volunteer once a month 

On average I volunteered about once a month but I  gave myself a B because I did not volunteer with more than one organization. I am a regular volunteer at LFNC, so it was not much of an effort to volunteer once a month.

Goal 2: Run a race every quarter and exercise twice a week

I gave myself a D on this goal. Not only did I not enter four races last year, but I did not exercise twice a week for most of the year. I created this goal with my partner and it was a bad idea. I think I will be more disciplined if it was my own goal.

Goal 3: Read a non-fiction book every other month (a book every month)

I gave myself a B on this goal. I read six non-fiction books last year but I only read one fiction book last year. For some reason I didn’t have much interest in reading fiction books unless it was highly recommended from someone I know.


2 thoughts on “2015 Goals In Review

  1. You had some great goals for 2015 and congratulations on hitting so many of them. I love your idea of grading yourself instead of giving yourself a pass or fail! I may use that in the future.
    It’s interesting to see the goal that was someone else’s that you went along with didn’t work out so well. That’s so often the case. I don’t know what your goals are for this year but it may be worth double checking you own them all and weren’t simply talked into them.

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      I like grades to show how close I am to my goal. It encourages me to keep going when I am close. Telling myself that I failed is too harsh.

      My 2016 goals are my own. I learned my lesson last year. Since we all have busy lives, it is very hard to coordinate with another person to follow up on a goal.

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