2015 December Expenses Review


My December expenses were high due to the holiday season and a fun trip to Seattle.

Monthly Expenses By Category December
Fix Expenses
Mortgage* 829
HOA / Property Tax 925
Insurance (HO/Car) 150
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 101
Total Fix Expenses 2,005
Variable Expenses
Gasoline 98
Dining Out / Grocery 390
Clothing/Personal Care 74
Household 78
Entertainment/Leisure 28
Medical/Health 20
Misc 329
Total Variable Expenses 1017
Total Monthly Expenses 3,022

I did quite well last holiday season in terms of expenses. Besides two house parties I attended, I spent most of my holiday break cleaning, removing and resealing my shower and bathtub. The rest of the time was spent with family and at coffee shops with my partner.

In early December, my partner and I took a short trip to Seattle. Our friends offered us a great deal on airfare so we felt like we had to go somewhere so the deal doesn’t go to waste. My partner is a huge coffee fan so we did a coffee crawl visiting about 20 different coffee shops while we were in Seattle.

Not included in this table is an extra monthly payment of $300 to mortgage* principal and a $150 monthly expense for half of a rental property.

December Passive Income = $ 606

December Expenses = $ 3,022

Shortage = $ 2416

My December passive income covers about 20% of my monthly expenses.


Lady Butterfly


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