2016 January Expenses Review


My January expenses were reasonable. I stayed within budget for all but one category.

Monthly Expenses By Category January
Fix Expenses
Mortgage* 829
HOA / Property Tax 925
Insurance (HO/Car) 150
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 108
Total Fix Expenses 2,012
Variable Expenses
Gasoline 77
Dining Out / Grocery 321
Clothing/Personal Care 15
Household 39
Entertainment/Leisure 24
Medical/Health 23
Misc 483
Total Variable Expenses 982
Total Monthly Expenses 2,994

January was a slow month in terms of spending. No gifts to buy, tons of leftover food(freezer and pantry) from last year, and no major social events to attend(except one birthday). Other than being extremely busy at work, January went by too fast and was not memorable at all. Due to the cold weather, we stayed in a lot and cooked our own meals. All the expense categories were under budget except for Misc where I had to book a trip to Vegas for February. It is a business trip related to the rental property.

January Passive Income = $ 880

January Expenses = $ 2,994

Shortage = $ 2114

My January passive income covers about 30% of my monthly expenses.


Lady Butterfly


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