No Work-Life Balance Part 2

A new day, singing to a different tune…

Alright, maybe my work life is not all that bad, all the time. I had three conference calls last night, from 8 pm to 10 and then from 11-11:30, and I felt so free afterwards. I went out at 11:45 pm for a two mile jog to get some fresh air and to soak up all my wacky sense of freedom. I haven’t seen the BF since Sunday night so we were on Face Time while I ran. We are great at multitasking. He calls me while he’s driving and I call him when I am out running.  Is this what modern day dating is like for some of you living in the Bay Area? We both lead very busy work lives and our schedules are very different. He has meetings in the mornings and all day, and I have a meeting in the mornings and all nights. Since we both are not willing to give up our day jobs(night job in my case) just yet, this is what we have to live with. What a life…

Today I am working from home. It’s noon and I am still in bed. So this is why I say my work is not all that bad, all the time. I work from home two times a week, and more if I choose to. But since I am not willing to give up my beautiful office over looking a large lagoon with ducks and an award winning sailboat, I drive to work three times a week(company policy to keep my office). To avoid morning traffic and getting a nice parking spot, I usually get in just before lunch time when the early birds take off for lunch. There is no way to avoid traffic on the way home ,so I am usually stuck in traffic for one to two hours depending on the time I leave.

Since I work with people in Asia, they are off to enjoy their weekend and there is no rush on my part to respond to their emails today. Even though my boss and one of my employees are in the same timezone, I usually don’t have much interaction with them during Fridays, unless there is an emergency. My work today can be spread out over three days. I usually work on some Sunday afternoons and most evenings since it’s Monday morning in Asia. Come to think of it, I am not getting part of my Friday off, I am just trading my Sundays for Fridays.

I am in a good mood today. Maybe it’s because I am working at home and I am looking forward to my Starbucks break and a walk in a beautiful sunny afternoon. Or maybe it’s because the stock market has been up all week and I was able to dump some of my options. Either way, I am having a great day. I am going to go smell the roses and enjoy a little glimpse of early retirement.

There are a few ideas bubbling in my head right now on how to achieve early retirement and get out of the rat race. Either I have to switch careers, find a sugar daddy or get lay off and retire completely. I need to come up with a timeline and more aggressive goals. I need an exit strategy now.

Lady Butterfly



One thought on “No Work-Life Balance Part 2

  1. I love the power of writing when you get the moments of realisation. Restructuring your thinking so that Friday lunchtime – Sunday lunchtime is your weekend may help you gain some balance.

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