Women On FIRE

I have been reading personal finance blogs for the last three years and they inspired me to start my own personal finance blog. I have came across many blogs in different stages of their financial journey, from just starting out, to newly retired, to fully retired for decades. I am addicted and I just can’t get enough of reading about all their personal triumphs. They inspire me everyday to stay disciplined on my journey to financial independence.

What I would like to read or hope to see are more women blogging about personal finance, investment, financial independence and retire early(FIRE). If there are more women blogger on FIRE, young women from all over the world will want to learn more about saving and investing. We need more female role models for young girls to show them that by saving, investing, they can also achieve financial independence and retire early.

Here are a few women bloggers at different stages of their financial independence journey. I hope you read their blogs and support them on their journey. If you find any female personal finance bloggers not on this list, please let me know.

Leigh’s Financial Journey: Leigh is in her late 20’s. She is saving aggressively and her net worth is remarkable for someone so young. I have no doubt she can reach financial independence before 40.

Financial Nirvana Mama: Tracy is building a real estate empire. She quit her job after 13 years in engineering and reached financial independence after 7 years in real estate investment.

Retirement: A Full-Time Job: Sydney has been retired since 2008 when she was 44.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door:  A self-made millionaire mommy shares her recipe for success, happiness and a million dollars. I just came across her blog today.

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs.

Lady Butterfly



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