2016 May Passive Income Review


May was a bad month for passive income. Compare to the second month of last quarter, passive income decreased by about $85. I picked up 20 more shares of GPS and 50 more shares of MYC this month.

I have been busy at work so there was not much investment or blogging activity in May. I did manage to invest in a couple of dividend stocks, but not as much as I would like. Hopefully, I will have more time next month to follow the stock market closely and pick up more discounted stocks.

My strategy is to continue to invest conservatively in the stock market, but when I see a great deal, I will continue to buy. I am in it for the long run so when a stock reaches the 52 week low, I will snatch it up. Besides investing in the stock market, I am on a mission to pay down my mortgage aggressively this year and build up my Muni Bond Funds.

Dividend $293.30
Emergency Fund Interest $48.45
I-Bond Interest $50.93
Misc $64.76
Monthly Passive Income $457.44
2016 Passive Income YTD $3,298.37

Compare to the first half of last year, 2016 Passive Income YTD has increased just shy of $500.

To see my complete dividend portfolio and dividends earned year to date:

My portfolio


Lady Butterfly



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