Horrible Bosses


My manager’s 11:00 pm daily conference call. No, not 11:00 am, it’s 11:00 pm my night time!


Manager: Can you send me the xxx projection by 9am tomorrow morning?

Me: It’s late now, I will get it to you by noon tomorrow.

Manager: No, I need it by 9 in the morning.

Me: [Long pause]…breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…. I will try to get it to you in the morning. [Click]. [Smoke coming out of my nose]

11:30pm: Another conference call (manager was invited, but was a no show)

1:15am: Send out files requested by the 11:30pm meeting


Email xxx projection to boss with the following note:

“Unless it is an emergency, I don’t appreciate getting an assigned task at 11:30pm at night and expecting to turn around by 9:00am the next morning. It is unreasonable.” – LB

2:15am to ~5am [Couldn’t asleep]


Manager email: Thanks. This was discussed Wednesday night and hence not asked for the first time on Thursday night.


Me email: I was not part of the discussion on Wed and there was no email follow up, so it is the first time I was hearing it.

to be continued…

Update: My manager did not respond to my email and pretended as if nothing happened the next day. He is passive aggressive and was punishing me for missing the meeting on Wednesday night.



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