2016 November Passive Income Review


Slow and steady wins the race. I am just slowly chugging along in building my passive income this year. Not much excitement from month to month, but year to year comparison is a little more exciting. Compare to the second month of last quarter, passive income went up by about $90. I added 20 more shares of OHI and  80 more shares of MYC to my dividend portfolio.

The Muni bond and REIT market has dropped significantly in the recent months. This is a great time for me to pick up additional shares to add to my dividend portfolio. The Dow Jones Industrial Average on the other hand has reached it’s all time high after the election. I did rebalance my 401K account just before the election by increasing my bond/stable value funds from 15 to 20%. My 401k is still quite aggressive compare to other people in my age category. For now I am holding steady on all my retirement accounts. Since I won’t be touching this account for more than 20+ years, it has time to bounce back, even if there is a correction after the rate change or after Trump takes office.

My strategy is to continue to invest conservatively in the stock market, but when I see a great deal, I will continue to buy. I am in it for the long run so when a stock reaches the 52 week low, I will snatch it up. Besides investing in the stock market, I am on a mission to build up my Muni Bond Funds to cover the interest on what’s left on my mortgage.

Dividend $307.78
Emergency Fund Interest $51.42
I-Bond Interest $25.20
Misc $100
Monthly Passive Income $484.40
2016 Passive Income YTD $7,363.97

To see my complete dividend portfolio and dividends earned year to date:

My portfolio


Lady Butterfly


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