2016 November Expenses Review


Merry Christmas! I am a little behind posting my expenses this month due to trying to wrap things up at work before the company shut down. My November expenses are a lot higher than last month due to holiday season spending. Dining Out/Grocery was above my budget again and the Misc category was over $500.

Monthly Expenses By Category November
Fix Expenses
Mortgage* 829
HOA / Property Tax 960
Insurance (HO/Car) 150
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 107
Total Fix Expenses 2,046
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 46
Dining Out/Grocery 447
Clothing/Personal Care 7
Household 11
Entertainment/Leisure 30
Medical/Health 44
Misc 510
Total Variable Expenses 1,095
Total Monthly Expenses 3,141

I have two exciting life changing events going on in my life right now. Both I hope to share by the end of the year or early next year. One of my financial goals is slowly coming true and I am so happy. Not included in this table is an extra monthly payment of $700 to mortgage principal and a $845 one time expense for half of the Las Vegas rental property.

November Passive Income = $ 484.40

November Expenses = $ 3,141

Shortage = $ 2,656.60

My November passive income only covers about 16% of monthly expenses.


Lady Butterfly



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