2016 December Passive Income Review


Happy New Year! December was an awesome month for passive income. A few ETFs paid more dividend than expected. Compare to the third month of last quarter, passive income went up by about $300. This month I added 100 more shares of MYC to my dividend portfolio.

The Muni bond and REIT market are still low and this is a great time to pick up additional shares. In the coming months I will add more MYC to my dividend portfolio. The end of the year is also a good time to swap loser stocks for similar stocks to take a tax loss. I sold some growth stocks to take a loss but not any of my dividend stocks.

My strategy is to continue to invest conservatively in the stock market, but when I see a great deal, I will continue to buy. I am in it for the long run so when a stock reaches the 52 week low, I will snatch it up. Besides investing in the stock market, I am on a mission to build up my Muni Bond Funds to cover the interest on what’s left on my mortgage.

Dividend $993.90
Emergency Fund Interest $49.79
I-Bond Interest $24.07
Misc $3.13
Monthly Passive Income $1,070.89
2016 Passive Income YTD $8,434.86

To see my complete dividend portfolio and dividends earned year to date:

My portfolio


Lady Butterfly


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