2017 January Passive Income Review


Happy Lunar New Year! January was a decent month for passive income. Compare to the first month of last quarter, passive income went down by about $50 and this was due to MYC distributing all their dividend/capital gains at the end of December. This month I added 10 shares of BMY and 50 shares of MYC to my dividend portfolio.

Starting next week my life will become more hectic and I probably will not have much time to follow the stock market or my dividend portfolio for awhile. My focus will be switched to family life and my life changing events to be share in the coming days. I will try to continue to add more MYC to my dividend portfolio.

My strategy is to continue to invest conservatively in the stock market, but when I see a great deal, I will continue to buy. I am in it for the long run so when a stock reaches the 52 week low, I will snatch it up. I am still on a mission to build up my Muni Bond Funds to cover the interest on what’s left on my mortgage.

Dividend $710.10
Emergency Fund Interest $53.83
I-Bond Interest $33.07
Misc $0
Monthly Passive Income $797.00
2017 Passive Income YTD $797.00

To see my complete dividend portfolio and dividends earned year to date:

My portfolio


Lady Butterfly


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