2017 February Expenses Review


My February expenses will probably be the lowest I’ll ever have. Since I was in the hospital for almost a week and then was recovering from childbirth, my variable expenses were pretty much non existent other than the increased medical expenses.

Monthly Expenses By Category February
Fix Expenses
Mortgage 829
HOA / Property Tax 963
Insurance (HO/Car) 172
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 153
Total Fix Expenses 2,117
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 0
Dining Out/Grocery 28
Clothing/Personal Care 0
Household 0
Entertainment/Leisure 10
Medical/Health 479
Childcare 31
Misc 0
Total Variable Expenses 548
Total Monthly Expenses 2,665
2017 Expenses YTD 5,377

This month I have several categories where I spent $0 due to the birth of my baby. I was homebound for most of the month and my family and partner cooked most of my meals so I didn’t have to cook. I added a new category for Childcare this month where in the past I was including the expenses in the Misc category. In another news, I no longer have a rental expense. I will write about this in a separate post.

February Passive Income = $ 561

February Expenses = $ 2,665

Shortage = $ 2,104

My February passive income covers about 21% of monthly expenses. Year to date is 25%.


Lady Butterfly


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