2017 March Expenses Review


My March expenses were slightly higher than February’s but still lower than the average. Every category is below budget except for the Medical/Healthcare category. The Childcare category was also high due to baby’s medical bills.

Monthly Expenses By Category March
Fix Expenses
Mortgage 829
HOA / Property Tax 963
Insurance (HO/Car) 172
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 147
Total Fix Expenses 2,126
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 0
Dining Out/Grocery 106
Clothing/Personal Care 0
Household 0
Entertainment/Leisure 10
Medical/Health 483
Childcare 90
Misc 0
Total Variable Expenses 689
Total Monthly Expenses 2,815
2017 Expenses YTD 8,192

Due to recovering from childbirth and taking care of a newborn, I barely had any chance to step outside of my home to spend any money. Again, this month I had several categories where I spent $0. I was homebound for most of the month and my family/partner cooked or brought me take out most of the time. My hospital bills are still rolling in as well as the baby’s hospital bills so the those categories are higher than average.

March Passive Income = $ 768.35

March Expenses = $ 2,815

Shortage = $ 2,046.65

My March passive income covers about 27% of monthly expenses. Year to date is 26%.


Lady Butterfly


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