2017 April Expenses Review


My April expenses were slightly higher than March’s and it is the highest month so far this year. Every category was below budget except for childcare. We spent quite a bit on baby gear.

Monthly Expenses By Category April
Fix Expenses
Mortgage 829
HOA / Property Tax 963
Insurance (HO/Car) 172
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 162
Total Fix Expenses 2,126
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 0
Dining Out/Grocery 253
Clothing/Personal Care 0
Household 33
Entertainment/Leisure 30
Medical/Health 33
Childcare 322
Misc 40
Total Variable Expenses 711
Total Monthly Expenses 2,837
2017 Expenses YTD 11,029

After baby butterfly got her first set of vaccines, I was able to leave home with her. Again, this month I had a couple of categories where I spent $0. My family continues to visit and bring me takeout every weekend so my food expenses is still low. This month the childcare category went up significantly since we had to buy a few baby gears. We bought everything new due to safety concerns.

April Passive Income = $ 1,017.69

April Expenses = $ 2,837

Shortage = $ 1,819.31

My April passive income covers about 36% of monthly expenses. Year to date is 29%.


Lady Butterfly


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