2017 May Expenses Review


My May expenses were much lower than April’s and it is lower than the average this year. Most categories was below budget except for health care and personal care.  I am still spending quite a bit on the heath care category post partum.

Monthly Expenses By Category May
Fix Expenses
Mortgage 829
HOA / Property Tax 963
Insurance (HO/Car) 172
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 112
Total Fix Expenses 2,076
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 31
Dining Out/Grocery 296
Clothing/Personal Care 77
Household 24
Entertainment/Leisure 10
Medical/Health 131
Childcare 0
Misc 43
Total Variable Expenses 612
Total Monthly Expenses 2,688
2017 Expenses YTD 13,717

Since I am still breastfeeding baby butterfly, I am continuing to take prenatal and various vitamins. The healthcare category will remain high for sometime. The childcare is $0 this month but it’s a little misleading. My partner and I have a joint account for baby butterfly expenses, and sometimes he orders baby supplies and other times I order. I have a spreadsheet tracking all the baby expenses and I will share after the first year. My family continues to visit and bring me takeout every weekend so my food expenses is still relatively lower than average. My personal care is higher than average this month due to splurging on some organic shampoo and conditioner. Hair loss and wrist pain are two of the post partum symptoms I continue to suffer from. Hair loss is so severe that I am willing to spend on high quality shampoo and conditioner hoping to alleviate this symptom.

May Passive Income = $ 521.70

May Expenses = $ 2,688

Shortage = $ 2,166.30

My May passive income covers about 20% of monthly expenses. Year to date is 27%.


Lady Butterfly


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