2017 June Expenses Review


My June expenses were a littler higher than last month. Most categories were below budget except for childcare. I went back to work this month and I had to buy some extra baby gear for my parents’ place. I am very lucky that I have my parents  babysitting baby butterfly while I am at work.

Monthly Expenses By Category June
Fix Expenses
Mortgage 829
HOA / Property Tax 963
Insurance (HO/Car) 172
Utility (Electricity, Phone, DSL) 120
Total Fix Expenses 2,084
Variable Expenses
Gasoline/Car Related 60
Dining Out/Grocery 397
Clothing/Personal Care 15
Household 38
Entertainment/Leisure 30
Medical/Health 46
Childcare 130
Misc 30
Total Variable Expenses 746
Total Monthly Expenses 2,830
2017 Expenses YTD 16,547

My company allowed me to take 6 months of paid/unpaid maternity leave this year. I took off right before Christmas and I went back to work during the last week of June. My dad is retired and my mom works half days so my parents offered to take care of baby butterfly while I am at work. I am lucky my schedule is flexible enough that I can drop off baby butterfly at my parent’s house after my mom comes back from work at noon and then go into the office. I take care of baby butterfly on the two days I work from home. During days when I am busy, I also have the flexibility to drop her off at my parents. With my parent’s generous offer and my work flexibility, I am saving about $1,500 a month in childcare.

June Passive Income = $ 897.84

June Expenses = $ 2,830

Shortage = $ 1,932.16

My June passive income covers about 32% of monthly expenses. Year to date is 28%.


Lady Butterfly


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