2017 Goals In Review

Happy belated New Year! With an infant, a demanding full time job, volunteering work and catching up with friends, life doesn’t get any busier than this. Personal finance and FIRE is my passion so I will make time for it no matter what. This blog is my hobby and I am not trying to make money out of it (yet), so sometimes my posts will just be a little late. Better late than never.

I had four short-term financial goals at the beginning of 2017. Lets go over each one of them and see how I did.

Goal 1:  Increase total passive income to at least $600 average per month or $7,200 per year (Include dividends, interests, and rental property)

I gave myself an A on this goal. I increased my average passive monthly income to over $835. I sold real estate rental at the beginning of the year, so there was minimum loss in passive income this year. I am very proud that my annual passive income broke the 10K mark.

Goal 2: Max out 401k and ESPP

I gave myself a B+. For most of the year I decreased my ESPP from 10% to 6% because I had to increase my 401K contributions. I was on maternity leave for about 5 months so there were no contributions to 401k or ESPP. With my increased 401K contributions after I came back from maternity leave, I was still able to max out at the end of the year.

Goal 3: Invest at least 20K new money in taxable accounts (Stocks and bonds)

I gave myself an A.  Even with lower partial disability paychecks for 4 months and unpaid leave for 6 weeks, I was still able to contribute 22K (with some help from selling company stock options) of new money into my taxable accounts.

Goal 4: Limit monthly spending within [Monthly income(earn + passive) – 2K investments in taxable accounts]

I gave myself an A- because for the one month that I was on unpaid leave I was negative.

Besides financial goals, I also have three personal goals in 2017.

Goal 1: No Electronics 1 night a week (Just quiet time to read/reflect)

I gave myself a C on this goal. Between breastfeeding, burping, and changing diapers, my only escape was going online or watch TV. I am sure there were so nights where I was just too tired to even go online or watch TV.

Goal 2: Walk 10K steps or run 1 mile 3x a week

I gave myself a D on this goal. I was doing great until baby butterfly came along. I have no time to go to the gym or go walk 10K steps. I do take her out to walk but just around the block couple of times. At most it’s about a mile.

Goal 3: Read a book every other month

I gave myself an F on this goal. I think I read one book in January and that was it. I do go online and read financial blogs whenever I have time but it’s far from a book.

I am repeating most of the non financial goals for 2018 since they are good goals to have. Baby butterfly is almost a year old and she plays by herself, and doesn’t need my attention all the time. I am also very blessed that I have my parents to help take care of baby butterfly when I am working.


Lady Butterfly


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