Tiny tidbits about Lady Butterfly …

1. I am a single female from gen X

2. I have a baby girl

3. I am an immigrant (started learning my ABC’s when I was 9)

4. I entered the labor force in Junior High at the age of 14 (grew up poor so I know the value of a dollar)

5. I graduated from a CSU debt free (thanks to Cal grants, a scholarship, and room & board from parents)

6. I have a decent paying job (high-tech worker)

7. I own my own home (LTV is < 15%)

8. I have SLE (I have a chronic illness with unpredictable flare ups so I need to save more to reach FI than the average Jane)

Long Term Goals

1. Grow non-retirement (taxable) accounts to 1 million plus

2. Grow retirement (tax deferred) accounts to 1 million plus

3. Grow passive monthly income to cover all monthly expenses ($3k plus)

4. Pay off all mortgages for a single family home with a white picket fence

5. Save up for a 4-year college tuition for my baby girl

6. Retire in 15 years in 2028 (or sooner)


Disclaimer: Lady Butterfly does not take any responsibility for the financial advice or information she shares on this site. All information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional financial advice.


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