2018 February Expenses Review

CutSpendingMy February expenses were a little lower than average.  All the categories were below budget except for the household category again. February was a short month so that helped with the numbers. Continue reading


Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! It’s a holiday for India but it’s a regular work day for US in my company. What this means for me is that I had my Thursday night off, and I have a very easy Friday (no emails from the India team). What a joy! The second half of this week has been light since I didn’t join any conference calls on Wednesday night.

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No Work-Life Balance Part 2

A new day, singing to a different tune…

Alright, maybe my work life is not all that bad, all the time. I had three conference calls last night, from 8 pm to 10 and then from 11-11:30, and I felt so free afterwards. I went out at 11:45 pm for a two mile jog to get some fresh air and to soak up all my wacky sense of freedom. I haven’t seen the BF since Sunday night so we were on Face Time while I ran. We are great at multitasking. He calls me while he’s driving and I call him when I am out running.  Is this what modern day dating is like for some of you living in the Bay Area? We both lead very busy work lives and our schedules are very different. He has meetings in the mornings and all day, and I have a meeting in the mornings and all nights. Since we both are not willing to give up our day jobs(night job in my case) just yet, this is what we have to live with. What a life…

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No Work-Life Balance

As my job gets more stressful and demands more of my evening time, I am increasingly motivated to get out of this rat race and retire early. Overall, my job is not bad, and I don’t mind working every night for an hour or more, as long as I have the flexibility to choose when I work. What I despise are the standing scheduled 1-2 hour conference calls smack in the middle of my night, four nights a week. I rather completely give up two nights a week for conference calls and have the rest of the week nights off.
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