2017 October Expenses Review


My October expenses were a little higher than the last two months.  All the categories were below budget except for the Household category. Since September was still warm in the west, we spent a lot of time at home with baby butterfly. Continue reading


2017 July Expenses Review


My July expenses were lower than last month’s by about $100. Most categories were below budget except for Gasoline/Car and Medical/Health categories. I went back to work at the end June and I drove an additional 10 miles dropping off / picking up baby butterfly. Since I was on unpaid leave for 6 weeks, I had to pay my own long term care monthly fees. Continue reading

2017 June Expenses Review


My June expenses were a littler higher than last month. Most categories were below budget except for childcare. I went back to work this month and I had to buy some extra baby gear for my parents’ place. I am very lucky that I have my parents  babysitting baby butterfly while I am at work. Continue reading